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Let's start the year off Right!
If you have not created your family goals for the year let me help you out. Setting family goals are so important it gives everyone in your household clarity on what direction the family is going in. It also helps to include everyone in the mix. It can feel great to be apart of something especially when you are a child. Here are somethings to consider when creating family goals.

Bringing all parties together
Everyone that can talk with understanding should be included in family goals. A child can share with you their goals on what they want to achieve. With your guidance you can help them reach their goals efficiently. It also helps you to know what your child(ren) would like to see from you to make them better. Setting family goals together bring forth necessary conversation. Bringing the family together also creates a platform for both parents to present a united front of what the family goals are, and the expectations of every family member.

Writing the goals down
Just like in the post for keeping your New Year's Resolutions it is so important to write your family goals down. If someone forgets they can always so back to remember. Your goals are like petitions that you can go to God in prayer about and He will guide you in how to structure. When you write them down you are taking the first steps with faith to getting them accomplished.  

3-6-9-12 month goal format
This method helps you as a family to reach your goals in milestones so no matter how big or small the goal is you can  get it done.  Each milestone allows you to celebrate as a family but also motivates you to keep going. This method has proven itself to work for our family in reaching every goal and beyond.

Do not neglect having goals for your family. Your family is the greatest accomplishment and legacy you will ever build. When you die you can't take anything with you and whatever you have will be left to them. Prepare to win.