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Your children are your prize possession. They should not be presented to everyone lightly. A man meeting your child(ren) is a privilege. It should only be at the point of when you know with all clarity that this relationship is moving in a direction of marriage that your child(ren) should be introduced. You don't want to keep introducing your kids to new people it doesn't make a good look for you as a parent especially a Christian parent. Here are some things to consider when introducing a person you are dating to your child(ren).
  • What is your current relationship status from their mouth?
  • What are their future goals concerning you? Does it include marriage? Are your children included?
  • Does their values match with yours, and what you are instilling in your child(ren)?
  • Does their Christian values the same as yours?
  • What are their parenting views?
  • What are their relationship with his kids if he has them?
  • Have you met his kids? If so, how does he interact with him?
  • How are their family foundation? How were they brought up? Any molestation, incest or rape?
  • What type of relationship do they have with the other parent of their children? Can you deal with the interaction?
  • Do they want more kids? 
  •  What is their objective? (if they wants to meet your kids)
  • What are their views on being a step parent, co-parenting and having an extended family?
  • Can you see a real future with them?
  • Most importantly did you pray about them prior to even considering them meeting your kids?
If you are okay with the answers they give you, and God has given you the okay I wish you all the best in the next step of your journey together. Stay focused, keep God first, and enjoy the road to your happy ever after.